Support Services

Support Services

Safety is our core promise. This fundamental dedication to security and value means our customers have the confidence to maximize their assets and drive their businesses forward.

Our focus on service delivery challenges us to always re-think our processes and evaluate our investment in new technologies. We are always evolving through innovative thinking, ideas and products to enhance our customer proposition.

Aircraft Refueling

Gerry’s dnata Fuelling Services provides premium quality, independent aviation fuel handling on behalf of airlines and fuel suppliers. We provide a full service solution in regard to our clients’ fuelling needs including both on and off airport fuel storage and distribution systems.

We have a proven track record in demonstrating a full understanding of the requirements and responsibilities in maintaining aviation fuel systems, with a focus on safety, cost control, inventory management and a clear emphasis on environmental compliance and responsibility.

We provide our customers with safe, efficient, independent into-plane fuelling services whilst leading the industry in on-time performance.

Service Overview

  • Into plane fuelling.
  • Maintenance and operations (M&O) of fuel systems.
  • Fuelling of all types of aircraft with fixed hydrant cart, hydrant.
  • Trucks and tanker trucks.
  • GSE Fuel Supplier.
  • GSE Maintenance.
  • Technical Audits and inspections.
  • Cathodic Protection Surveys.
  • Jet Fuel Certification.
  • Environmental Inspection and Monitoring Services.