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COVID-19 services

COVID-19 has resulted in a crisis of unprecedented proportions in the aviation sector, which has caused airlines to suspend routes, ground aircrafts and for airports to shut down operations. While the grounding of these aircraft is necessary, but as capacity comes out of the system and revenue continues its free fall, it will take some time for the cost actions that airlines are taking to catch up with the precipitous decrease in demand.
We at Gerry’s dnata are doing everything possible to mitigate the situation with all available means to maintain business continuity for our partners and reduce the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, Gerry's dnata has turned around a set of essential COVID-19 related services in shortest possible time. These services have been introduced to help airline passengers feel confident about choosing air travel for commute.

Range of services include,

  • Aircraft cabin disinfection
  • Cargo hold disinfection
  • Cargo shipment disinfection
  • Passenger baggage disinfection

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Additional services that support safe and secure air travel experience include,

  • COVID-19 Baggage Reclaim
  • Body Temperature Screening Solution
  • Documentation Processing

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