Jinnah International Airport - (KHI) Pakistan

Ground Handling

In this ever growing and changing industry of aviation, I feel proud to be a part of the busiest station in Pakistan. We believe in evolving with times, providing service excellence and fulfilling our promises to our customers - and their customers.

We create a benchmark for rest of the stations in Pakistan and maintain a standard that has kept us as market leaders for over a decade. As part of dnata we are the first choice of many International airlines entering the country because they know that we will provide them with the highest levels of services they are used to receiving from dnata in the rest of the world. We have a highly dedicated team and are always looking for ways to go beyond our customers' expectations.

  • Syed Shahzad Ali , GM Ground Services, Business Development & New Ventures- Pakistan

Statistics 2013/2014

Over 4,700
Cargo handled
Over 80,000

Gerry's dnata airport services

  • Station Management and Supervision
  • Gate activities
  • Arrival
  • Check-in
  • Transfer & Transit
  • Mishandled baggage

Accreditations: ISAGO, ISO 14001:2004

  • Marshalling and Parking
  • Unloading/Loading
  • Potable Water
  • Cooling/Heating
  • Air Start
  • ULD Management
  • Baggage Handling
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • Toilet Services
  • Moving of Aircraft
  • Ramp to Flight-deck Communications
  • Airside Crew Transport

Accreditations: ISAGO, ISO 14001:2004

  • Load Control
  • Flight Plan and Meteo reports
  • Centralised Load Control
  • Communications
  • Ground Dispatch
  • Crew Administration

Accreditations: Approved organisation from Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority

  • Warehousing
  • Built-up & Break-down
  • Document Handling
  • Special handling
  • Mail handling
  • Acceptance & Monitoring
  • Irregularities Handling
  • Perishable Cargo Handling
  • Transfer & Transit
  • Ramp transport

Accreditations: ISAGO, ISO 14001:2004

  • IT Systems helpdesk support services
  • Networking (Fiber Optics, Point to Point Radio Link, Ethernet, Wireless)
  • In-house Software Design, Development & Regular Maintenance / Upgrades
  • Digital Security Surveillance (CCTV / DVR)
  • Email / Web Support & Services
  • Technology Peripherals Recommendation & Procurement

Gerry's dnata training unit provide training services for wide range of types and variants of places at airport operations functions, including passenger handling, check-in, boarding, baggage services, flight operations, ramp operations, cargo operations and much more.

We provide full cycle of training and certification for flight crew, cabin crew in dangerous goods regulations and flight operations initial and recurrent training and specialized courses, such as crew resource management, dispatch resource management etc. Our instructors can also provide onsite trainings.

Gerry's dnata training unit holds two major approvals from Civil Aviation Authority Pakistan as an approved ground training organization at Karachi & Lahore.

  • Flight Operation Officer’s License Training for initial and recurrent training.
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations Training for all Categories as per ICAO document AN9284/905 and IATA DGR.

Contact us

  • Syed Haris Raza

    Vice President
    Room # 5017,JTC Level 5
    Jinnah International Airport
    Karachi 75200-Pakistan
    Tel: +92(0) 21 9907 1552

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  • Owais Ahmed

    Commercial Manager
    Room No. 3025, 3rd Floor, Jinnah Terminal
    Jinnah International Airport,
    Karachi 75200 - Pakistan
    Tel: +92(0) 21 9907 1348
    Languages : English / Urdu
    Timezone: GMT +5
    Hours : 9 am - 5 pm
    Days: Mon - Sat

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  • Umar Malik

    Head of Cargo- Pakistan
    Room # 7, 1st Floor, Airline Logistics Center, Cargo Complex.
    Jinnah International Airport,
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Tel: +92 21 9907-1949
    Fax: +92 21 345 73175
    Languages : English / Urdu
    Timezone: GMT +5
    Hours : 9am - 5pm
    Days: Mon / Sat

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  • Syed Shahzad Ali

    Manager Flight & Airport Operations
    Room No. 5016, Jinnah Terminal
    Jinnah International Airport,
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Tel: +92 21 9907 1512
    Fax: +92 21 345 73175
    Languages : English / Urdu
    Timezone: GMT +5
    Hours : 9am - 5pm
    Days: Mon / Sat

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Our Locations

Gerry's dnata Headquarters
Room No. 5016
Jinnah Terminal
Karachi Airport

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