Ground Handling

We serve
15+ airlines
in Pakistan
We handle
16,000+ flights
We help
over 7 million
passengers each year

Our Ground Handling Services

Passenger services
As a key role in customer services, our trained and experienced staff provide the experience to airline passengers which is synonymous to successful ground handling operations.

Our services include

  • Check-in
  • Flight disruption
  • Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility
  • Arrival services
  • Airside crew and passenger transportation
  • Lost & Found
Baggage Services
Besides meeting customer expectations in terms of service quality, Gerry’s dnata recognizes that bags are an important component to our customers and their customer experience. We understand that not only having the right number of bags, but the correct bags on the aircraft is essential to our customers’ operations. With the successful implementation of our new baggage management and reconciliation system, Gerry’s dnata delivery of high quality customer services is also enhanced.

This service includes

  • Handle baggage
  • Prepare for delivery onto flights
  • Establish the number and/or weight
  • Offload
  • Deliver to claim area
  • Transfer Baggage
  • Handle crew baggage
  • Baggage Home Delivery (Support Service)
Ramp Services
Operating on a similar model to F1 pitstops, our ground staff ensure safe and on-time departures of your flight.

Our services include:

  • Parking
  • Cooling
  • Ramp to flight-deck communication
  • Air Start
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Toilet Services
  • Water services
  • Interior cleaning
  • Aircraft movement
  • Liaise with Catering/Fuel suppliers
Load Control & Flight Operations
Making sure that maximum payload is effectively achieved, our ground staff’s strong cross functional coordination with load planner enables safe and secure departures

Our services include:

  • Load control
  • Communications
Dedicated team of 1,000+ personnel trained and certified in Aviation Security, Ramp Safety, Dangerous Goods Regulation, Human Factor
  • Aircraft Security Coverage:
  • Security coverage at baggage segregation
  • Escorting of arrival and departure baggage to/from aircraft
  • Aircraft holds monitored by security staff
  • Body frisking of ramp staff
  • Regular information to customers / staff about potential threats and incident / accident reporting
  • Conducting regular Audits / Inspections / Test / Surveys of Company’s Tangible Assets
  • Security provision to evacuate operating crew from airport in case of any incident / threat
If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss your ground handling needs, please refer to our Contact Us for further details

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