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Aircraft Charter Services

For both business and leisure travel, Gerry’s dnata now offers chartering jets to cater to a wide range of requirements. While chartering private aircraft for time sensitive travel, flexibility of schedule and the feel of luxury commute is known to all, there are several other areas where chartering a private jet is more efficient and cost effective

Why chartering an aircraft with Gerry’s dnata is better for you?

  • With footprint across seven stations in Pakistan, Gerry’s dnata has an extensive coverage of passenger and cargo transportation with state-of-the-art Ground Support Equipment and Handling facilities at the airport.
  • Safety and security are at the heart of our service delivery. Our teams on groundwork closely with airport security and your private security to ensure a relaxed and care-free flying experience.
  • A range of high-quality aircraft types are available through our contracted partners. Based on your schedule and requirements, we ensure timely availability of private and commercial air transportation.
  • The experience of boarding an aircraft must always be comfortable. That is why our experienced and trained staff ensure smooth handling of passengers with immaculate check-in, baggage handling and terminal to aircraft transportation.
  • Our dedicated Key account managers will remain at your disposal 24/7 to assist with multiple ends of the smooth flight operations. Any requests or changes shall always be catered to with professionalism.

Types of aircraft charter services:

We cater to various types of aircraft chartering needs, such as follows:
  • VIP, CIP and PIP charters
    • Private Jets
    • Heavy Jets
  • Repatriation charters
    • Check-in through in-house systems
    • PCR/Medical test facilitation
    • Safe transportation from terminal to aircraft, etc.
  • Air Ambulance/Medical evacuation charters (MEDEVAC)
    • Smart patient loading system
    • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    • Defibrillator systems
    • Blood gas analyzer
    • Satellite telephones, etc.
  • Cargo charter
    • Medium-haul freight
    • Regional freighters
    • Long range freighters
    • Special freighters
    • Utility helicopters, etc.

Please choose from below services to request for a quote:

  • Passenger Charter (VIP/CIP/PIP) (Should be hyperlinked – New tab will open)
  • Cargo Charter
  • Air Ambulance

Passenger Charter (VIP/CIP/PIP)

Cargo Charter

Air Ambulance

Charter Flight Support

Gerry's dnata has the privilege of handling greatest charter flight operations in Pakistan, ranging from commercial passenger and cargo charters to charters for business executives, government agencies and repatriation.
During COVID-19 crisis, our charter handling services have provided crucial on-ground support. From repatriation charters, cargo charters to in-cabin loading, our teams across all seven 07 stations have served ensured safe and on-time departures of these flights.
We take great pride in providing end-to-end solution for all charter operation’s needs.

Pre-flight Support

We ensure end-to-end administration of your charter flight; from seeking aeronautical permissions to settling accounts with multiple stakeholder on your behalf.
  • Landing permissions
  • Crew transfer
  • Slot permission
  • Aircraft long parking permissions

Flight Operation Support

Our technical team based at all seven stations remain connected and in-charge of the entire process from arrival, coordination and execution, to departure.

Ground Support

Flight dispatch is a crucial step in a smooth turnaround. Our operational teams on ramp, responsible for loading and unloading activities follow a strong coordination mechanism with flight operations support and load control departments to ensure adherence to relevant regulations and procedures.

Administrative Support

We deliver end to end service by managing all fronts on your behalf. Our excellent extended partnerships and credibility enables us to keep a strong foothold. Trust us to take care of all correspondence with various airport and feel the true essence of priority services.

We are regularly handling repatriation and cargo charters for scheduled and non-scheduled partners. If you would like to get in touch with us to understand how w can support you, please refer to our Contact Us page for further details.

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