Training (Internal/External)

Training (Internal/External)

We pride ourselves on our training standards, ensuring that we share internal best practices all around the world

Safety is our core promise. We identify training needs by conducting regular meetings with operations in order to learn airline-specific requirements as we believe that strong re-focus on recurrent training needs ensures that our staffs are constantly kept up-to-date with the new processes and procedures of their job operations.

To ensure we have the best people not only working for us but for you, we provide a diverse workplace that provides the right training and environment for both personal and professional growth. We constantly engage our staff to identify and fulfill their training needs.

We not only provide training to our staff as it is also offered to the staff of different Airlines in order to boost their metabolic rate.

We provide:

  • Training & education through our Gerry’s dnata training facilities, individual training programs, ongoing functional training and upgrading of skills and management & soft-skills training
  • Intra-network opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Increased staff recognition with new STAR system to boost morale and motivation
  • Training enhancement programs that focuses on recurrent skills and growth to improve service quality capabilities

Gerry's dnata training unit holds two major approvals from Civil Aviation Authority Pakistan as an approved ground training organization at Karachi & Lahore.

  • The Flight Operations Officer’s License Training
  • Dangerous Goods Regulation Training (all categories)

Our training unit organizes and provides drill based on TNA and quarterly programs which are licensed by the Emirates Aviation College. We also offer training to different airline ground staff and air crew. Majority of our employees are recruited after the training accomplishment and we have a number of ongoing training programs for our permanent employees.

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