Promoting a culture

A prominent feature of our ‘one dnata’ identity is our continual focus on safety and security. These are fundamental aspects of our business. We are committed to achieving the highest possible safety and security standards for our people, our customers and their passengers as we are the only GHA in Pakistan which is RA3 certified.

One Safety

Our recently developed internal initiative, one Safety, defines and reinforces our approach to safety. The goal is to develop a strong safety culture that will create and reinforce safe behaviours at all levels of our organisation. ‘One Safety’ is about creating a personal responsibility for ourselves, our colleagues and our customers no matter where and what we do. The message is a simple one: Safety is everyone’s business.

This initiative will be rolled out in all dnata businesses globally. By understanding and addressing the culture of our organisation and how this influences individual behaviours, we can ensure that safety is truly a core value at the heart of dnata.

One Safety includes the following initiatives:

  • Instilling safety leadership best practises from first-line supervisors to senior executives, so that we build a culture of commitment towards safety
  • Identifying and reinforcing safe behaviours in the workplace through peer-to-peer observations and feedback
  • Controlling exposures at the working interface through identifying and removing barriers that prevent our people from working safely
  • Engaging our people at all levels of the organisation in continuous improvement and change initiatives to constantly review and improve safety in the workplace
  • Establishing safety codes of practice and ensuring compliance to all local regulations, standards and industry best business practice in Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Integrating safety in all aspects of our people management processes, including recruitment, development and performance management
  • Monitoring and measuring success through a safety governance board structure that sits at all levels of our organisation

We strive to set new standards that will shape the industry

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